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At We Care Day Care, we understand early education and early childhood environment is fundamental for lifelong learning and thus I aim to provide excellence in early childhood education. I strongly believe a learning environment with opportunity for self-discovery through resource rich environment is essential for each child’s development.  I design educational and creative programs that are tailored to each child’s learning needs, interests and abilities. I also value the importance of learning through play. We Care Day Care is a place for children to learn and investigate the world in a fun and engaging manner. The wellbeing of the children is also my number one priority, and we create a consistent and safe learning environment. I have a strong commitment to participative and collaborative management. I promote honest and open communication with families and encourage involvement and feedback into the development of educational programs. Overall, I enjoy providing and creating programs that support each child and prepare them for their transition into the wider community. For me, the ability to support and nurture each child’s personal journey of change and growth is so fulfilling and I hope to positively impact many children in that way.

Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care
First Aid and CPR - Provide an emergency response in an education and care setting certificate
Food Handling
Child Protection
Fire Safety
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