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Building Futures Care Scheme was established in 2019. Developed by the McKinnon family after the success of three long day care services and a registered training collage. The McKinnon Family are deeply passionate about Early childhood education and establishing quality Family Day Care services was a natural progression for the company. 

Since the establishment of their first centre in 1994 the McKinnon Family have been passionate in delivering Montessori Philosophy of education. The philosophy is very consistent with modern early childhood educational philosophy. A child’s social and emotional well-being is made a priority, as well as the ability to access learning materials which are suited to his or her developmental level. Building Futures Care offers Montessori Mentoring to Educators and the teaching philosophy Is at the heart of our approach to training and professional development for Educators. 

Building Futures Care offers flexible care options for both Educators and families. Building Futures Care prides themselves on providing individualised training and support to Educators. Aiming to create Educators who are confident, professional and well supported while also providing families with affordable, quality education and care.

Our Philosophy

Montessori is an education for life – An individualized learning program that encourages and fosters the children to develop at their own pace; in and a part of a natural and caring environment. Maria Montessori believed that from the ages of birth – 6, the children enter a plane of development known as the “Absorbent Mind” to take in the world and all of its offerings. It is this that Building Futures Montessori offers through the “Children’s House”.

A prepared environment is one of the main educators of the children. It is designed to welcome them and encourage them to interact and develop within the curriculum areas of Practical life and Grace and Courtesy, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and the Cultural curriculum. By using concrete materials and methods, a process rather than product system is emphasized.

At Building Futures, we believe, as Maria Montessori did, that the Directresses should focus on the child as a person, not on a pre-planned program. Our Montessori Directress nurtures and inspires the human potential; leading children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate and discover. (This is reflected through the individual characteristics of Safe, Smiling, Smart and Multicultural.)

The Directress actively strives to build bonds with families to share knowledge and utilize each other’s skills, thus creating a sense of belonging for both the child and the family. A part of Building Futures Montessori “community” is the inclusiveness that is embedded within it and the wider world. Our ultimate objective is to foster and facilitate children to become contributing citizens of the world.

Building Futures Care Team

Suzie Gelderblom

Lead Coordinator

Suzie has over 20 years of industry experience in various early childhood settings. Suzie holds a Bachelor of Teaching in early childhood as well as a diploma of social science childcare. She has spent the last 8 years of her Career working in Family Day Care. Suzie’s three children all attended Family Day Care and it is an industry that she is deeply passionate about. Suzie manages all the daily running’s of Building Futures Care as well as coordinating. 

Sheridan Wells


Sheridan has worked for Building Futures for ten years as an Educator. She holds a Diploma of Early childhood education as well as a Diploma of Montessori education. During her time With Building Futures she has developed a passion for Montessori education and Mentoring Educators. Sheridan now Coordinates and mentors for Family Day Care.

Stefanie Pinwill


 Stefanie has worked in the early childhood sector for 15 years in a range of roles across family daycare and long daycare and also as a trainer and assessor in Children’s Services. Stefanie is passionate about children being able to access quality home based care in an environment which empowers and respects them. As part of her role she enjoys supporting and building relationships with Educators to help them add value to their business as well as the families and children they are providing a service.  Stefanie has 3 children who keep her on her toes and they enjoy spending time at the beach, bike rides and playing card games and board games together.